Skin Detox: your way to healthy glowing skin Skin Detox: your way to healthy glowing skin

Skin Detox: your way to healthy glowing skin

Skin detox : start with a detox diet plan

Dirt, pollutants, toxins and other impurities can affect the health of our skin, leading to a wide range of skin problems. Not to mention that modern-day living can also come with a lack of exercise, stress, as well as bad eating habits and it is no secret that what we eat plays a huge role in how our skin functions.

As a matter of fact, if you have a sweet tooth and/or if red meat, deep fried food, dairy or refined foods are a major staple of your diet, your liver can become overwhelmed. This means organs such as your skin or kidneys will have a role to play in flushing out the toxins.This is why uneven skin texture, pimples, blemishes, irritated skin, even acne breakouts, can be signs of an overtired liver unable to eliminate toxins.

In order to combat these unwanted skin imperfections, be sure to drink lots of water all day long; hydration is essential to keep your liver in tip-top shape! Limit red meat, dairy products (especially cheese), sugar, alcohol and fatty food, and choose vegetarian protein sources, white meat, whole grains, fruits and vegetables instead. Everything is best in moderation so be sure to keep a balanced diet!

Deep cleansing or how to detox your skin properly

Your skin detox will also require you to pay some attention to your beauty routine! It’s time to focus on unclogging the skin pores, getting rid of excess sebum, dirt, bad oils, bacteria and dead skin cells.

At Erborian we believe the key to a successful skin detox is an everyday deep detox involving the double cleanse. For a proper Korean style double cleansing, always start with an oil based cleanser to remove oily impurities (makeup, other cosmetics, as well as sebum and pollutants), then move on to a water based cleansing to erase any traces of dead skin cells and bacteria.

If you want to cleanse your skin even more deeply, give yourself an at-home facial! Time to relax and treat yourself with this multi-step, spa-like skin treatment.

Other detox remedies for clear skin

Detox masks can also be very handy when it comes to getting glowing skin. In order to complete your skin detox routine and unwind, apply a purifying face mask that suits your skin type (no more than once a week, or twice a month for people with sensitive skin).

Fancy indulging in a day of self-care and pampering your skin even more? Create the perfect at-home spa experience! Before applying your detox face mask, steam your face. Pour some warm water in a bowl, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, lean over it and put a soft towel on top of your head. It will prime your skin for exfoliation and help it to be more receptive to your skincare products and to rejuvenate better.

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