What is Singles Day?

Singles Day, also called Bachelors Day, originated at Nanjing University (China) in the early 90s. This event is celebrated in honor of single people, to help them embrace their status or to “do something about it”. Singles Day celebrations quickly spread throughout the whole country with many parties organized all over China as an occasion for single people to meet.

But that is not all! Singles Day is also known worldwide as one of the biggest shopping days due to the amazing sales.

When is Singles Day?

Singles Day is held every 11th of November (11/11). With its four “1”s, this date hasn’t been chosen randomly; it represents everyone’s uniqueness and singularity.

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After Singles Day comes Black Friday!

Didn’t get the chance to enjoy our Singles Day deals? No worries, Black Friday Sales are upon us! Always starting the day after Thanksgiving (every fourth Friday of November) and lasting for a whole week, get up to 25% off on a selection of our products.

This incredible sale week generally marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Offer the people you love the very best skincare, at the best price, with Erborian’s Black Friday Sale: the ideal occasion to add a personal touch to your Christmas gifts.

Want some more? Cyber Monday always follows our Black Friday week with dozens of other online discounts so mark your calendar!


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