CC Cream is a pioneering hybrid product. Part skincare, part makeup, it corrects small blemishes, evens out complexion while moisturizing and protecting your skin at the same time. This unique light-textured formula contains pigments that change color upon application to adjust to your skin tone perfectly. With its transforming texture and the powerful active ingredients it contains (such as Centella Asiatica), our CC Cream illuminates any complexion instantly, leaving an ultra-natural luminous finish and improving skin health day after day.
Available in different specialties and shades, CC Cream meets every skin need! We'll tell you all you need to know about this tinted cream!

the power of Centella Asiatica + Hyaluronic Acid

Our iconic CC Cream Our iconic CC Cream

Our iconic CC Cream

skincare-first color corrector that instantly unifies your complexion and refines skin texture leaving you with a radiant finish. 

Enriched with Centella Asiatica known for soothing skin, our Color Corrector does so much more than just that. Its transforming texture color adapts to the skin for an every time match, while evening out the complexion and correcting the appearance of minor imperfections. The result is skin that looks healthy and hydrated with a weightless skin-like finish.​

With SPF for extra sun protection!​

CC Water: For ultra-light formula lovers CC Water: For ultra-light formula lovers

CC Water: For ultra-light formula lovers

The perfect combination of weightless skincare with sheer tinted coverage: CC Water is a skincare-first color corrector that creates a natural glow effect with a non-greasy finish. Powered by Centella Asiatica, the Korean skincare ingredient known for soothing properties, CC water is also packed with Hyaluronic Acid. The result is fresh, hydrated skin with a smooth finish. Your skin tone will be more even and illuminated, without the oily finish. ​


How to choose the right CC Cream shade?

You are wondering how to choose the right CC Cream shade? Let us help you find the CC Cream shade that will suit your skin tone perfectly!


Special skin needs ? Discover our expert CC cream.
This versions are made to reduce skin tone irregularities: discover CC Red Correct, our green color corrector with SPF 25. Whatever your needs, there is a CC Cream for you!

CC Red Correct: say bye to redness CC Red Correct: say bye to redness

CC Red Correct: say bye to redness

If you're looking for a CC Cream specifically designed for your redness-prone skin, try CC RED CORRECT.
Made with green colour-correcting pigments, it gives your skin natural-looking finish while cancelling out redness.